Tuesday, July 22, 2014

HST Sample Quilt: Finished!

Confession: I have a bundle of "Quilts to be Bound" stuffed neatly next to my bed.  During a recent cleaning episode, I decided that I wanted to clean up that space and proceeded to prepare bindings.  First to complete was the Kentucky Derby Quilt and then I moved on to my HST Sampler quilt.

The bright colors inspired by (ahem*) my favorite pajama bottoms yielded this bright beauty.  I chose a aqua teal for the border and then chose to use a lipstick pink (Kona) for the backing and binding.

Question: Even though I thoroughly washed the fabric, I'm still a little leery of giving away this quilt.  The main print comes from a pair of "well-loved" and in great condition pajama pants.  Would a quilt made from someone's pajama pants be gross or weird?  Or is it just like when people made quilts from old clothes?

Finished size: 55" x 55"
Quilting by: Cutting Edge Quilts
Quilting Pattern: Floral Chain in thread color Parchment

If you would like to read more about the construction of this quilt you can read the following posts:

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(I feel like I keep saying that I'm addicted to blue, but I keep presenting finished quilts that are outside my addiction.  I still "struggle" with my blue addiction, but lately I've been committed to finishing my WIPS.  Shhhh... I have two blue quilts ready to be cut!)


  1. Very fun, happy quilt--and no worries about the fabric! Have you forgotten about the cotton candy pink double wedding ring quilt my grandmother made for my wedding? Its full of random (and some kinda ugly) scraps and remnants. And the wool afghan my mom made by crocheting squares of wool together? I remember watching her cut up her favorite dresses and skirts from the 60's. I love that you are continuing the family legacy, even if its temporarily skipped a generation!

  2. No! Not weird at all. I love deconstructing quilts when I look at/talk about them. Well loved pajama pants is cool story. Some of my favorite quilts ever are made from old clothes. Totally OK. :) (bear in mind, I may not be right!)

  3. I don't think it's weird, but if you do just don't tell them those were your pjs. I love your sampler. That is a super cool thing to do. Also blue is my fav too. lol. I have at least a little blue in every quilt I have ever made, except one. I still love it...but I feel like I should have put it in there somewhere.

  4. I am loving the colour combos! Great work!


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