Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Floral Strings: A Finished Quilt

Whew... too many days away from the blog!  Here's a post I meant to write weeks ago about my floral strings quilt.

With quilting, we there are standard sizes of quilts that fit into different categories (i.e. twin, king, etc.).  Sometimes, however, we break those rules and often it yields interesting results.

My floral strings quilt is no exception.  I've decided that the size is odd since it's a bit "too long" for the overall width.  The description "elongated baby quilt" is freely used, although I'm sure it could pass for a bed runner.  Despite the odd shape, I'm quite proud of it.


I'm proud because I used items from my stash to make it and didn't buy anything new.  I didn't succumb to my artistic whim that was demanding a chartreuse binding when I didn't have any fabric in that color.  I didn't run out and buy extra yardage for the border, I just used some extra of the fabric to lengthen the border.  This project was started just before our last move as an effort to reduce the fabric stash.  (Truth is that it didn't work because I ended up packing the top instead!)  

All that being said, it's a pretty quilt!

Here's a picture taken during bright sunlight to show off the wonderful texture.

The local quilt shop quilted it using an off white thread in a daisy chain pattern.  Fabrics are from Joel Dewberry's Nottinghill Collection and others from my stash.