Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Red Cross Inspired: Finished Quilt

Back in June I volunteered as a Girls Camp Director for a five day camping trip with 21 teenage girls from my church.  It was a fun, crazy, hormone-filled adventure with plenty of amazing moments. 

Each year we have a theme and this year it was centered around medical professionals.  A Red Cross flag was hung at the main gathering area as one of the ways to reinforce the theme. Our fearless leader planned the entire week to be full of great activities including archery, hiking, crafts and skits for over 150 young women.  She is an adored leader who shares her spunky, caring, contagious personality and her heart with us.  For all of her efforts, I decided to make her a quilt!

I used a combination of reds from my stash, including some of my beloved Happy Go Lucky to create the red cross and then used a basket-weave pattern of creamy low volume prints for the background - I love how this turned out!  The border is a muddled red from my LQS with the binding from Bonnie & Camille's Marmalade collection.

I again went with the champagne bubbles for the quilting with a parchment colored thread.  Quilting by my local quilt shop, Cutting Edge Quilts.

My favorite part is all of the reds and how they play off each other.  By far, fabrics are my favorite part of quilting.  What's your favorite part of quilting?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Samurai Star Block: A Tried & True Tutorial

Hello All!

Today I've got another installment of my Tried and True Tutorials: The Samurai Star Block from A Crafty Fox.

This is such a great pattern and works well for boy quilts!

I used my fabrics from Dear Stella's Jack & Lulu collection called London Calling. It features some fabulous London novelty prints.  I think the double decker bus is my favorite print! (you can find some of the print here) I also used some solids as well as my favorite Waterfront Park domino print.

The blocks are quick to come together and give a great impact!  If you do not have any experience with the flying geese block you should definitely give the Samurai Star Block a try.

Still piecing the quilt top together, but I couldn't wait to share this Tried and True Tutorial with you.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Layers of Hope, Quilting 911

To all of my quilter friends, I wanted to pass along a need that is in our quilting community.  I know that everyone is in a different position, but wanted to share in case anyone had the capacity.

Layers of Hope, Quilting 911 is an organization set up in Washington that helps support First Responders during emergency situations.  They share their donated quilts with those who respond first to our needs.  I have supported this organization in the past when I made my Green with Envy HST quilt for the families of the firefighters affected in a devastating fire last year in Arizona.  I can testify that they're a legitimate organization.

At this time they're looking for some Queen Sized quilt donations for the people who have lost their homes in a large fire in Washington (at least 400 families).  If you can help, please use the links below for contact information and how you could help if you are unable to send a quilt (i.e. funds for postage, materials, fuel to deliver quilts).

Website with Address Information and how you can help

Facebook Page

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

HST Sample Quilt: Finished!

Confession: I have a bundle of "Quilts to be Bound" stuffed neatly next to my bed.  During a recent cleaning episode, I decided that I wanted to clean up that space and proceeded to prepare bindings.  First to complete was the Kentucky Derby Quilt and then I moved on to my HST Sampler quilt.

The bright colors inspired by (ahem*) my favorite pajama bottoms yielded this bright beauty.  I chose a aqua teal for the border and then chose to use a lipstick pink (Kona) for the backing and binding.

Question: Even though I thoroughly washed the fabric, I'm still a little leery of giving away this quilt.  The main print comes from a pair of "well-loved" and in great condition pajama pants.  Would a quilt made from someone's pajama pants be gross or weird?  Or is it just like when people made quilts from old clothes?

Finished size: 55" x 55"
Quilting by: Cutting Edge Quilts
Quilting Pattern: Floral Chain in thread color Parchment

If you would like to read more about the construction of this quilt you can read the following posts:

HST Sampler Finished Quilt Top
HST Sampler Pinwheel Block
HST Sampler Star Flower Block
HST Sampler Bowtie Block

(I feel like I keep saying that I'm addicted to blue, but I keep presenting finished quilts that are outside my addiction.  I still "struggle" with my blue addiction, but lately I've been committed to finishing my WIPS.  Shhhh... I have two blue quilts ready to be cut!)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

And the race is on... Kentucky Derby Quilt Finish!

They're coming down the back stretch it's Odin's Hammer with Grease Lightning and Southern Drawl right on his tail...Now Odin's Hammer and Southern Drawl are neck and neck, but wait here comes Lucky Charm out of nowhere it looks like it could be a photo finish folks... and the winner is Lucky Charm!

Ok, thank you for the crazy introduction.  As you can tell I'm so excited that I finished my Kentucky Derby Quilt.  It's been a long journey (you can read about how I messed up my math here).  I've had this quilt ready to be bound for nearly six months.  It was a quilt without a deadline and the math errors still haunt me, in a good way.  I measure six times and then cut once these days.

It is by no means a perfect quilt, but I am so grateful for the lessons that it has taught me.
1. There's no harm in trying something even if you don't have a pattern!
2. Measure twice (at least!)
3. Enjoy the process

My grandparents grew up in a small town and every year there is a family reunion that includes a trip to the County Horse Races.  My grandfather gloats about how my grandmother was the Dairy District Derby Queen.  We also place quarter bets on the horses and (much to the chagrin of my mother) win "a bunch of money." This is according to my then five year old sister who announced this at church one Sunday.

Quilt features the horse panel print from Joann's that was found in the remnant section and with the rest of the fabrics coming from my stash

Quilt measures: 56" x 56"
Pattern: Classic Star Block with an additional inside border.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sewvivor - Quarter Mile Quilts - Kate Gunther

Hello, All! I've decided to audition for Sewvivor hosted by Family Ever After!  As many of you can imagine, it was hard to pick a project for my audition. Drumroll, please :)

My Happy-Go-Lucky Baby Quilt:

I decided to choose one that highlights a few of my favorite things:

1. The Color BLUE.
I am hopelessly addicted to the color blue.  I joke that even my husband's eyes are blue!
(See full post dedicated to the 12 Step Program for Color Addicts - QMQ style!)

2. Favorite Fabrics. 
Highlights one of my favorite fabric collections: Happy Go Lucky from Bonnie & Camille with Moda

3. Hand-quilting
I love hand quilting and the effect it gives a quilt.  To help the "beads" shine, I choose to keep the hand-quilting simple and outline each of the beads in a simple straight stitch.  The pieced border also has a bit of hand-quilting along the edge.

4. Giving Away Quilts
I love giving away my quilts and this was no exception.  I was thrilled to hear my best friend was expecting and so a beautiful baby girl named Grace is the happy recipient of this quilt.

Pattern: Squares and hour-glass blocks created this beaded design.  The piano key / squares border was a late addition after seeing: Pixels to Patchwork's project here. She did a fabulous job! 

Machined pieced and hand quilted by yours truly.  Binding was hand sewn using the backing folded over and hand-sewn.  Finished quilt measures roughly 38" x 46".

Interested in auditioning, too?  Jump over to Family Ever After for all the information! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

V and Co's Modern Miss: QMQ Results

As soon as I saw Vanessa Christenson's post about her Modern Miss pattern I knew that I wanted it.  Do you ever have that sudden impulse that you NEED to make a certain quilt or pattern?  This impulse was pretty strong.  I went out the same day (Thursday) and bought the magazine. Then on Saturday I bought the background yardage jumped in Saturday evening.

And behold, a finished quilt top by Sunday afternoon!

It is truly a quick and easy quilt pattern.  If you're a beginner quilter, you should have this on your to-do list.  It has flying geese, half square triangles and squares, with great instructions on how to create each.

Since Sewing Summit last year, I've been holding on to some bright pinks and purples. 

I'm still a little intimidated by the pinks and so chose to use the purples for this project.  I am fairly happy with the results, but think my color choices could have been a bit better.

The nice thing is that I can re-create this project fairly easily and without a whole lot of heartache since it comes together so quickly.  This pattern has me thinking about opening a shop to sell quilts in this pattern... but maybe not.  I could write a whole series on my internal debate on selling quilts.

Thank you, Vanessa for an amazing pattern!

Now, I have to decide how to quilt it...