Thursday, July 17, 2014

And the race is on... Kentucky Derby Quilt Finish!

They're coming down the back stretch it's Odin's Hammer with Grease Lightning and Southern Drawl right on his tail...Now Odin's Hammer and Southern Drawl are neck and neck, but wait here comes Lucky Charm out of nowhere it looks like it could be a photo finish folks... and the winner is Lucky Charm!

Ok, thank you for the crazy introduction.  As you can tell I'm so excited that I finished my Kentucky Derby Quilt.  It's been a long journey (you can read about how I messed up my math here).  I've had this quilt ready to be bound for nearly six months.  It was a quilt without a deadline and the math errors still haunt me, in a good way.  I measure six times and then cut once these days.

It is by no means a perfect quilt, but I am so grateful for the lessons that it has taught me.
1. There's no harm in trying something even if you don't have a pattern!
2. Measure twice (at least!)
3. Enjoy the process

My grandparents grew up in a small town and every year there is a family reunion that includes a trip to the County Horse Races.  My grandfather gloats about how my grandmother was the Dairy District Derby Queen.  We also place quarter bets on the horses and (much to the chagrin of my mother) win "a bunch of money." This is according to my then five year old sister who announced this at church one Sunday.

Quilt features the horse panel print from Joann's that was found in the remnant section and with the rest of the fabrics coming from my stash

Quilt measures: 56" x 56"
Pattern: Classic Star Block with an additional inside border.


  1. Congratulations! Love how this turned out! Wish we could all be together for the horse races next week…I miss our quarter bets!

  2. Cute. I like how this turned out. Congratulations on another fantastic finish. You're on a roll!

  3. This is a really cute quilt! I like how you used the remnant fabric for the centers of the stars! Just really cute overall.

  4. Measuring twice has not always worked for me either, I had to giggle reading this! Love the finish!

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