Friday, July 5, 2013

A Few Ramblings

Returned last weekend from an incredible five days in the North East wilderness of Arizona.  Myself and a collection of other adult leaders took a large group teenage girls tent camping.  We were very fortunate to be far away from the tragedy happening to the West of us near Prescott. 

The above picture shows us stopping at a store just before we hit the dirt trail.  See how nice and clean we are?!?!  It's an inside joke, but we were given specific instructions to NOT buy anything in the store.  We were just using their restrooms.  See what a great adult leader I am?  Yep, broke a rule on the first day. My mother always taught me that if you use someone's restroom, it was polite to buy something, even if it was small drink.

Also, while I was gone, someone borrowed and "took care" of my sewing machine.  I felt comfortable leaving it with such an experienced quilter and was happy to have it returned Wednesday.  I jumped on it yesterday for a while and will share pictures with you later.

Happy belated 4th of July!  As I sit here typing I am overcome with gratitude for this nation and those who are serving and have served our country, especially our military and emergency responders.  Hope you had a wonderful Fourth!

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