Monday, July 15, 2013

Triple Zip Pouch Swap - Finished

For the first time ever, I decided to join an online quilt/sewing swap.  So far my experience has been a bit nerve racking as I picked out fabric for another person.  If I get nervous with my own fabric selections, how could I possibly do it for another person?
Luckily, my secret partner had a whole selection of favorite fabrics on her Pinterest board.  I picked the Cassettes in Gray from Riley Blakes' Geekly Chic line and chose the blue, Timeless Treasure's Rain Basin in Aqua.  The black is from my stash and I've forgotten who it's from...
People suggested using different colored zippers, but I felt like the black worked so well, I didn't want to jinx it.  What do think?  I almost bought fluorescent colors like the yellow, blue and green, but then felt it would be an overwhelming shout of 80s!
Oh wait, what are we making?  Stephanie over at Quarter Incher is hosting the Triple Zip Pouch from A Quilter's Table.  It's a really great tutorial and fairly easy to follow.  The only trouble I had was near the end when you sew the sides together.  Still not completely sure if I did it right... However, with great instructions, I was able to complete it in one evening!
Here is the finished product.  I'm keeping the goodies secret, as I already feel like a rule breaker showing it here :)  If you're interested in checking out other pouches, the flickr group is located here.
So totally awesome, right?  Like, totally, gag me with a spoon! (Insert other random 80's sayings here - did I even use the last one correctly?).

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  1. Turned out great! I love that Geekly Chic fabric with the Black!


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