Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pleasant Surprise - Followers!?!?

Whaaaaaat?!? I have followers? Sweet!  

Was my reaction when I claimed my blog over at bloglovin'.  Seriously, it was so exciting!  Thank you all for the wonderful boost!

Now onto two unrelated topics:

- Bought my plane ticket for The Sewing Summit in September!  Anyone else going???  Click on the picture for a link to the website.

- Getting ready to go camping next week and a few weeks ago I bought this in anticipation:

I LOVE it!  It was (seriously) the best thing to find in the mail today.  I've been doing all sorts of preparation for the trip and it was starting to get me stressed.  (Planning a family camping trip is one thing, but I'm helping plan one for a gaggle of teenage girls) Then this "Keep Calm" hoodie arrived in the mail and I was inspired.

Now back to packing glow sticks, first aid kits, and plenty of Dr. Pepper, or errr... water!

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