Tuesday, June 24, 2014

V and Co's Modern Miss: QMQ Results

As soon as I saw Vanessa Christenson's post about her Modern Miss pattern I knew that I wanted it.  Do you ever have that sudden impulse that you NEED to make a certain quilt or pattern?  This impulse was pretty strong.  I went out the same day (Thursday) and bought the magazine. Then on Saturday I bought the background yardage jumped in Saturday evening.

And behold, a finished quilt top by Sunday afternoon!

It is truly a quick and easy quilt pattern.  If you're a beginner quilter, you should have this on your to-do list.  It has flying geese, half square triangles and squares, with great instructions on how to create each.

Since Sewing Summit last year, I've been holding on to some bright pinks and purples. 

I'm still a little intimidated by the pinks and so chose to use the purples for this project.  I am fairly happy with the results, but think my color choices could have been a bit better.

The nice thing is that I can re-create this project fairly easily and without a whole lot of heartache since it comes together so quickly.  This pattern has me thinking about opening a shop to sell quilts in this pattern... but maybe not.  I could write a whole series on my internal debate on selling quilts.

Thank you, Vanessa for an amazing pattern!

Now, I have to decide how to quilt it...


  1. I said it on Instagram but I thought it was worth saying it again here. This quilt is perfect. I love your fabric choices! I am particularly obsessed with the subtle colour variation on the outside ring. So effective but not at all in your face. Might have to make one of these myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Excellent! I love the modern look of this quilt and as a beginner quilter I always appreciate when people point you in the direction of a good tutorial :)

  3. Beautiful, Kate! Once again, you amaze me!

  4. Ooh, I LOVE this. (And not just because the colors are so delicious!) Lovely work! :)


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