Monday, December 16, 2013

The Land of Misfit WIPs

Welcome to the Land of Misfit WIPs 

A place where Works in Progress (WIPs) come to live until someone can finish them. (my failed attempt of having this relate to the Holiday season through Rudolph's Land of Misfit Toys)

Here are some of the current WIPs:

1. Kentucky Derby Quilt

2. Quick Nine Patch Quilt top

After creating the plus quilt using this fabric combination, I had some 3" strips left over and decided to create a quick and cute nine patch quilt for one of my nephews.  It off to the quilter and I'm excitedly anticipating its return to me.

3. and not-so-secret sewing... a created a cute boxed pouch using Pretty Modern's tutorial HERE.  Super cute and fairly easy to do; just don't be afraid of boxing corners!

And congratulations to Kami! You're the winner of the fabric bundle!  Thanks everyone for sharing your favorite holiday memories.  My favorite tradition is dress shopping with my dad every Christmas.  He would have us try on dozens of dresses and would then send us off to the food court while he picked out the ones he liked the best.  It was a fun surprise to see which he bought each year.  He has since passed away, but my sister and I keep up the tradition for our younger sister.  We love it!

Happy Holidays All!

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