Monday, April 22, 2013

Sweet Contrary: A Mosaic Contest from Stitched in Color

I took a few (or ahem many) minutes of my lunch break today to play around with colors at Lark Cottons.  Stitched in Color is hosting a contest where each person can choose 12 fabrics and create a mosaic.  The fabrics need to be in contrary colors, where warm meets cool, in a modern, beautiful way.  Next week all of the entries will be open for voting and the top two entries will receive a fat quarter bundle of their fabric selection.  Yes, PLEASE.

This contest posed an interesting challenge for me.  I tend to keep to the same colors and don't often use "contrary" colors.  I LOVE blue and green, but knew I needed to branch out of my comfort zone. Pinks, oranges, teals and grays?  Why not?!?

I quickly made this first entry, which is linked to my flickr account (I was too excited to get my entry in I couldn't even take the time to write a quick blog post!).  I'm pleasantly surprised with the results.

You are allowed to make a second entry and I think I'll let it simmer for a bit before making my selections.  I'm enjoying the creative process and how this contest is allowing me to see how different colors work beautifully together, even when I don't expect them to!

Also, did you know you can make these fun mosaics for free?  Stitched in Color recommended this tool, Mosaic Maker Tool.  I may need to play with this more later.  I could see how this would be useful when pulling different fabrics together from various online sites.  I think this has great potential.

Go join in the fun here!  As I said with the last contest, I don't mind a little competition :)


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