Saturday, April 13, 2013

Strip - Piecing Quilts Progress

We've been pretty quiet this week... well quiet as in my sewing machine may be getting a little lonely.  My fingers have kept busy this week hand-quilting two lap-sized quilts.  I had nearly forgotten how wonderful and time-intensive hand-quilting can be.  Anyone recognize the prints below?

I couldn't resist using some of the prints from Sea Glass again for a gift I'm working on.  

(Typically, I use a local quilt shop for my quilting needs. Partly because I like the idea of supporting local businesses when I can.  More importantly, for a good price, I can save myself some time and get a great quality finish.  Plus I get to focus on piecing another project!)

Luckily my sewing machine is not getting jealous of the quilt frame.  We were on the best of terms as I cranked out a few blocks this morning.

I'm using the quick and easy strip piecing technique I posted a few weeks ago.  

On another note, anyone else thinking about going to the Sewing Summit in SLC this year?  Registration opens on Tuesday and I'm hoping I'll be able to snag a ticket!

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