Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Playing with Hexagons

I completed my out-of-town assignment for work today!  In celebration I am sitting in front of my design board playing with my Tula Pink hexagons.

Floral hexagon arrangement

I love how fabric the seems to say "I'm ready for my close-up."

Organized by color...

Placement of my hand to give scale to the 99 hexagons... 
I knew in my head that they wouldn't go far, but it's nice to spread them out to get the true sense of scale.  I feel more "justified" (i.e. not as guilty) to buy more of Tula Pink's Prince Charming.   (You can find it on sale here).

I think I'm leaning toward the color gradient.  What do you think?  Or should I try more of a zig zag pattern?  Hmmm....

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