Friday, October 4, 2013

New York Subway Quilt - Throw Back Thursday...errr Friday

Today's post is in honor of the trend "Throw Back Thursday" although it's technically Friday...  

Here's a two year flashback to review my NYC Subway quilt.  I was (and still am) inspired by Oh Fransson's Tokyo Subway Quilt.  My husband grew up in NYC and I wanted to pay tribute to his subway adventures.

I chose to follow a simple grid layout and used the actual MTA Subway layout with Central Park, the central (hehe) focus of my quilt.  I could go on and on for hours on how much I love Central Park.  Ready?  

My husband and i while we were dating, next to the Alice in Wonderland Statue, 2006

Ok, maybe next time.

Here are pictures that I took at the time I created quilt. After I cut the squares, I laid out the quilt by grids and smaller squares 8 x 8.

2000 2" squares later, I created the quilt top and fairly accurate piecing.  It took me plenty of time, but I was (am) very happy with the results.  The letters were raw appliqued onto the white squares with a zig zag stitch.

Here is the finished project!  The back is a squiggly line print to reflect how a tourist feels when they come out of the subway... a little disoriented.

This quilt was my first experience with my local quilt shop and I was nervous.  Luckily the ladies were understanding and helpful, even though they didn't like my original plan to put minky on the back.

The long-arm quilting pattern is called "sprung" and also evoked the movement of "The City."

We held a raffle for the quilt at Christmas in 2011 and my Father-In-Law won!

Thanks for indulging me! I hope you've enjoyed my little trip down memory lane.  I promise that I'll have some current updates next week, including a tutorial.

Also, I now have a Facebook page for the blog!  If you're interested in having some additional project updates and more quilt pictures, please like my page Quarter Mile Quilts.

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  1. Kate this quilt is awesome!!! I love the idea of a Manhattan subways map quilt. I've been wanting to make something similar to Elizabeth's idea too but haven't fit it in quite yet. All those 2" squares seems kind of intimidating lol Your quilt looks fab!


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