Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Borders vs. No Borders: A Quilting Experiment

I like to think of myself as a modern-traditional quilter.  I enjoy playing with modern fabrics in traditional patterns.  In the words of a new quilting inspiration, I feel like I need to stretch my quilting.  I need to challenge myself to try new things, even if they are in small steps.  Example: one of the items that can classify a modern quilt is the absence of a quilt border. 

Curiosity struck this cat and I decided to do a "quilt experiment."  I decided to make two similar looking quilts.  This experiment would include the control of the same pattern: Jeni Baker's Modern Plus Quilt Tutorial.   I would have two variables: fabric, and border vs. no border.  My hypothesis: I would love the border and not like the un-bordered quilt. 

A little bias in the experiment?  Yes.

Objective vs. Subjective? Oh dear, please don't make me get into that!

Here are the results:

The quilting above is called cogs and wheels, perfect for a little boy (or a engineering mind like myself!).  Fabrics are various Michael Miller, Japanese, Riley Blake, etc.

The bordered quilt features fabric from Violet Craft's Waterfront and Madrona Road fabrics.  This is the same bundle that I am using for A Crafty Fox's Starflower QAL.  The quilting is called boomerang and I think it works perfectly?

What do you think?  Any preferences?  I am pretty sure its hard to pick a favorite, but the border is pulling an early lead.


  1. I think I like the basic pattern without a border, but I like the border fabric you chose, and I really like the pop of yellow in the binding. I am also amazed you made TWO more quilts. Your pace amazes me!

  2. I love this experiment and gosh I Love the quilting you chose for both! Such a great idea. I am not generally a border kind of girl but I really like the border quilt in this case. It's neat to see two side by side :)

  3. They both look awesome...I think I'm leaning toward no border. I want to make a plus quilt now, too! Thanks for the inspiration.


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