Monday, August 12, 2013

Lonestars, Pluses and Hexies, Oh My!

First off, who knew "awkward moment" would generate so many page views?  If you are in dire need of page views just write about an awkward moment.  If you write it, people will read. (Say it in a whisper like in Field of Dreams).

Thank you all for your feedback.  It's great to hear that I am not only one who deals with these socially awkward moments.

Yesterday my husband asked: "Kate are you anxious or nervous?"
I peak up from behind my sewing machine and respond "A little, why?"
"Because you're doing a lot of sewing."

Yes, when I get anxious, or nervous, or nervously anxious, I sew to cope.  So lots of sewing this week and pictures to prove it.  Here are some (yes only some) of my progress this week.

Nursing cover gift for upcoming shower (can you tell I am still a little gun shy to give a quilt at one of these things?)  Diary of Quilter's tutorial is pretty awesome and easy (took me 1/2 an hour to pull this together, if that).

First attempts at paper-piecing - lonestar block from Six White Horses.  More on that later...

Arithmetic quilt layout and progress (Jeni Baker with In Color Order's Tutorial).  Border or no border?

Binding vintage modern quilt.

And still stitching away at those lovely hexagons!

I'll be traveling for work this week, but will try to link up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

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  1. Loving all your works in progress. I need to get my act together and start sewing!!!


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