Monday, August 5, 2013

Awkward Moment & A Finish!

So, a big question for everyone to answer please.  When you make a baby quilt for a friend when do you give it to them?  At a shower, in private, or ding-dong ditch style?

I think I'm learning the hard way, and by hard, I mean the awkward way...

Recently I was ecstatic to find out my best friend was coming into town for her baby shower.  We have similar personalities and I knew the perfect fabric and pattern I wanted to use.  I put all of my WIPs aside and focused on putting my love and time into the project.

On the day of the shower, I wrapped up the quilt in tissue paper, using a few of the leftover fabric strips to tie it up.  The party was wonderful and she was surrounded by lots of friends and loved-ones.  The best part of the shower was to catch up (in person!) with such an amazing friend.

Her wonderful Sister-in-Law came in late and brought some un-wrapped, cute receiving blankets she handmade using two pieces of flannel sewn together.  Adorable flannel and a job well done.  I panicked (on the inside) as I witnessed my friend open the gift from this Sister-in-Law first.  Then I cringed as my gift was handed to her to open next!  (insert imaginary face-palm).  All of the guests praised the quilt as I avoided eye-contact with the sister-in-law I just upstaged.  I felt awful and awkward. 

While, I know I did not intend do this, I still feel guilty over the situation.  Luckily my friend was a gracious receiver and openly praised both gifts.  However, I think in the future I'll give quilts in a less public setting.  What do you think?  Honesty is appreciated.

So if you're still reading, here are pictures of the finished Happy Go Lucky quilt!  (Thought I would end on a happy note)  It's off to its new home where it will be loved and well-used.  I chose to use white "bold" quilting thread to hand quilt in between all of the hourglasses.  Don't you just love the effect?

The backing fabric is Hop in Navy from the Happy Go Lucky collection. I just enjoy the effect of the multi colored hops along the edge.

Thank you all for reading my little blog.  Any advice and feedback is always, ALWAYS, appreciated.


  1. I know the feeling, truly. But I honestly think the receiver is just happy to receive both gifts and that's what a shower is for! Don't even worry about it. Both have good uses. The last two baby quilts I've made were mailed (yeah... big talker I am).

    That quilt design is so cute and I love the Happy Go Lucky collection!

  2. Love that baby quilt. I bet the lady that made the receiving blankets was just as proud of her work as you were of your fabulous quilt. No harm done :)


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