Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kona Kona and Other Adventures

First of all I wanted to share my first attempt at Blue Elephant Stitches' Granny Square block tutorial

Isn't the hippo in the center adorable?  If you haven't given her tutorial a try, please put it on your future project list!  It's a great use for all of those small scraps you hoard love!

The past few months I've been a little busier as I am helping plan and prepare a camping trip for a group of teenage girls at church.  Our camp is a little over a month away and I am knee deep in preparations.  We're supposed to have the girls "run" the camp, but I am one of those crazy people in the background :)

One of the items I get to put together are triangle bandages for the girls first aid kits.  They had some from prior years, but sadly, they were cut too small...

So I cut some more and am trying to decide I am going to surge the ends, or if I am going to leave them as-is.  The only time they girls will use them is if someone gets hurt, which rarely happens.  Hmmmm...  I think I'll put that on my, "if I have extra time before we go" to-do list.  Thoughts?

And last but certainly not least, when I went to buy the muslin for the triangle bandages, I also needed some Kona White fabric.  In my haste to beat the looming fabric cutting line, I grabbed a Kona cotton, that appeared to be "white."  The woman at the cutting counter noted how hilarious she thought it was called "Kona Kona."  I thought nothing of this until I looked at my receipt.

I bought the Kona fabric that's been prepared for dyeing.  Oops!  Another lesson re-learned, check the fabric label! 

Now I am sorely tempted to try hand-dyeing some fabric.

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